EtHAIReal Peppermint - At a glance

EtHAIReal Peppermint not only acts on the hair bulb at the origin of the generation of sebum, but also on the scalp with a more general effect, and regulates overproduction of lipids in the hair bulb.

Minimum Order Quantity:
Estimated Lead Time:
3 - 4 weeks
Available Form:
Liquid or Powder
Shelf Life:
12 months
Pack Size:
Dispersible In:
Dispersions in Glycerine or Sunflower Oil
Usage Level:
Ecocert/Organic Approved:
Country of Origin:

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Peppermint, a hybrid with a powerful aroma


Because oily hair comes from a functional imbalance in the hair bulb, this needs to be corrected through targeted action on the production of oily substances, and also on the general protection of the hair. For lighter, shining, radiant hair.


EtHAIReal Peppermint not only acts on the hair bulb at the origin of the generation of sebum, but also on the scalp with a more general effect.

EtHAIReal Peppermint regulates overproduction of lipids in the hair bulb.


Unbalanced and therefore more fragile, oily hair needs to be protected and soothed. Through an initial protection from attacks from free radicals that can accentuate their intrinsic imbalance, by reducing this production in the scalp and the heart of the hair cells. Through a decrease in the synthesis of inflammation mediators in both regions, this synthesis being driven by an imbalance in the skin barrier.

EtHAIReal Peppermint reduces general oxidation and irritation.

Our Supplier: Naolys


Naolys offers innovative active ingredients using whole plant cells and advanced biotechnology. Naolys active plant cells suit any formulation and deliver many results, from anti ageing to protection, from hydration to energy.

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