More than 25 innovative suppliers offering a superb range of products

We understand that the competitive nature of our industry means that you need to offer the best in market to your customers – the end user.

Our suppliers actively support our marketing efforts – joint visits offer in depth discussions of product applications tailored for your business.

Our suppliers know that whilst market trends are important your business needs a reliable just in time source of supply from first sample to final manufacture.

Unifect's current suppliers list includes the following

Unifect Ltd logo

Unifect Ltd

Uniquely effective ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry
We source the best quality raw materials with a tailored approach to client needs



Hi-Tec Japanese supplier acknowledged for advancing innovation in Health and Nutrition Science and producer of Award Winning cosmetic ingredents



STS Biotec Ltd. produces speciality products derived from the fresh water pearl under strict GMP guidelines, with the aim to provide the global market with the best quality products and services.



Cosmodec is a cosmetic ingredient supplier specialized in stabilization of Vitamin C. Based in Gyeonggi, Seoul, South Korea
The company has developed revolutionary Vitamin C technology – Cosmin C

NATURALIS – life technologies logo

NATURALIS – life technologies

Naturalis is a new and dynamic Italian company inspired by nature that transforms natural ingredients into technological products directed to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.



Derma Lab Korea has established an R&D network with universities and research institutes and are committed to development of materials to improve consumer health with best quality and technology



With over 40 years of servicing the cosmetic industry, Jarvis are a leading UK supplier of and an acknowledged authority in the field of natural botanical extracts, floral waters and cosmetics.

SVZ International b.v. logo

SVZ International b.v.

SVZ is a producer of high quality fruit and vegetable ingredients for companies around the world . Their quality standards extend from cultivation and harvesting, to quality control and packaging.

MAFCO logo


Mafco’s Magnasweet® pure licorice derivatives are particularly well suited to eliminate undesirable flavors in lip products, and to moisturize, soften, and smooth when used in lip and skin products.



World-class technical leader in the development of Autophagy-based peptides and non-peptide active ingredients.
Providing top quality innovation to clients in the cosmetics and pharma industries.



Fine chemicals, essential oils and natural ingredients for aromatherapy, flavour, fragrance and personal care products. Certified to meet international standards e.g. Organic / ISO /EP and IFRA

N-Active EIRL – Chile logo

N-Active EIRL – Chile

N-Active® was formed in 2004 and offer healthy, safe and effective ingredients for cosmetic and nutraceutical industries
They have built a unique Ethnicare range based on endemic plants from Chile



Danjoungbio Co.,Ltd. is a global natural science company committed to the development of natural materials.
They have 3,000 kinds of products by extracting excellent efficacy from natural plants,



Zuplex has been established to add value to unique and established botanicals through the manufacture of standardised extracts using innovative technologies.

Tsuno logo


Tsuno Rice Fine Chemicals of Japan are the worlds number one producer of natural rice derivatives offering antioxidant, sunscreen and chelating properties in a wide range of applications

NFC Corporation logo

NFC Corporation

NFC Korea develop and manufacture a wide range of cosmetic raw materials for global distribution. They have expertise in the stabilisation of insoluble highly active materials such as ceramides

SpecChem logo


SpecChem is a major manufacturer of speciality chemicals and medicinal products with an impressive array of applications from whitening to hair care and a complete global sales network.

Chemie Research logo

Chemie Research

Chemie Research is the leading manufacturer of concentrated grapefruit seed extract Applications include being an ideal cosmetic preservative in shampoos, creams, lotions, scrubs, ointments and soaps.

EVD logo


With a dedicated R&D Lab in the South of France, EVD sources the best liquorice plants and creates high quality extracts and derivatives which can be tailor made to suit your cosmetic formulation

CPS (Huzhou) logo

CPS (Huzhou)

CPS (Huzhou) is a leading manufacturer of capsules and pellets based on innovative technologies for cosmetic application including unique colour changing capsules and EGCG-stabilised beads.

Iwase Cosfa logo

Iwase Cosfa

Tokyo based Iwase Cosfa is a long established R&D oriented manufacturing company producing a wide range of innovative cosmetic materials with distribution across a global sales network.

Coptis logo


Coptis is the creator of industry standard cosmetic R&D software solutions enabling the cosmetic industry to efficiently manage development projects and improve the quality and reliability of information.

Naolys logo


Naolys offers innovative active ingredients using whole plant cells and advanced biotechnology. Naolys active plant cells suit any formulation and deliver many results, from anti ageing to protection, from hydration to energy.

Cosmact logo


COSMACT supply Organic Virgin Karanja Seed oil – with a natural SPF of 15-20 and antibacterial, anti ageing and anti inflammatory properties, this oil blends with Ti02 and Zn0 and is ideal in sun protection formulations

Helioscience logo


With 20 years experience in the sun protection sector Helioscience specializes in evaluating the quality, safety and efficacy of sun protection products and offers fast and reliable evaluation tests

LCR Hallcrest logo

LCR Hallcrest

An international leader in the field of liquid crystal technology, LCR Hallcrest offer the cosmetic formulator a superb range of colour changing thermochromic liquid crystals based on optically active mixtures of organic chemicals.

Rheolab logo


Rheolab offers cosmetic formulators an expanding portfolio of synthetic and part-natural thickening polymers with a focus on tailored solutions, fast response, and effective partnership

Southern Botanica logo

Southern Botanica

Southern Botanica is the world’s largest producer of cold pressed, pharmaceutical grade marula oil which is produced in fair trade partnership with independent, female owned African small businesses

Family Foods logo

Family Foods

Family Foods offer high grade independently lab tested Manuka honey from New Zealand. Rated for antibacterial activity (UMF) this superb honey has many cosmetic applications and a long history of use for medicinal purposes.

Grenera logo


Grenera Nutrients owns 250 acres of organic Moringa trees and produces high quality extracts and powders for cosmetic and nutritional use.

Agrimer logo


Based in Brittany, Agrimer is a leading developer of all forms of marine plants and seaweeds for cosmetic, health and nutritional applications based on sustainable harvesting and careful extraction

Vege Tech logo

Vege Tech

Vege Tech is a leading US manufacturer of vegetable proteins and plant extracts using enzymatic and cold process extraction to boost molecular levels of active ingredients for formulation efficacy.

Telmont Essentials logo

Telmont Essentials

Based in Sydney, Telmont Essentials are a major producer of essential oils , isolates and aroma chemicals including natural cinnamaldehyde products, rosemary oil, rosemary antioxidant and top quality Chinese essential oils

Société du Ghassoul logo

Société du Ghassoul

Société du Ghassoul sustainably extract the only known deposits of Rhassoul Clay in the world and have developed Rhassoul based products for innovative cosmetic applications

"First class service"
Adam Lewandowski – Technical Manager
Unifect ingredients are trusted by many household brands

The quality and excellence of our suppliers products make them a natural choice for leading retailers and contract manufacturers across the country

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